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Free, easy to use and working Bridge Run cheat tool. If you want to unlock specific Bridge Run features or just some of them like Remove Ads, +500 Coins and +1100 Coins, you can do it. We created this Bridge Run cheat tool and made it 100% free for everyone. You can unlock features in Bridge Run and avoid grinding and actually play the game as you want. Start using Bridge Run hack codes now!

Bridge Run - All hack codes

To hack Bridge Run, just select what features you want to unlock from 6 of them. There are features like Remove Ads, +500 Coins, +1100 Coins and others that you can unlock for free. Burak Gozutok did not do a good job on protecting the game so our hackers managed to create this free Bridge Run cheat tool that you can use directly from our microgamerz.com site.

All Bridge Run features - cheat codes

  • Remove Ads
  • +500 Coins
  • +1100 Coins
  • +2500 Coins
  • +5500 Coins
  • +10000 Coins

Now that you know you can get Remove Ads, +500 Coins and +1100 Coins features with Bridge Run cheat tool, you can avoid losing your money. These features cost $2.99, $0.99 and $1.99 on App store and Google play and now you can get them for free. There are a lot of options with Bridge Run hack tool other from unlocking all 6 features.

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