Cats & Soup - Cheat and Hack codes

If you like playing Cats & Soup on your phone and you found our website you probably decided to hack the game. You can use our Cats & Soup hack tool to get all 10 features offered by HIDEA Co.,Ltd. Our Cats & Soup cheat tool was last updated on . All cheat tools on are 100% free including this Cats & Soup cheat tool.

How Cats & Soup cheat tool works

To get Umbrella Package, Advanced Gifts, Mole Deliveryman Package and 10 features for free, you need to start Cats & Soup hack engine. When you scroll down you will find a Hack Now button, click on it and start Cats & Soup cheat. After that, you will be given couple of questions that are related to features. Select which one you want or select multiple features to unlock.

Cats & Soup codes for cheats

  • Umbrella Package
  • Advanced Gifts
  • Mole Deliveryman Package
  • FairyTree Package
  • GEM 1050
  • GEM 200
  • Premium Subscription Package
  • Monthly Subscription Package
  • Sloth Additional Upgrade LV1
  • Giant Tortoise Package

Hack tool for Cats & Soup is available on since the last update that was on . Since than, we updated some of the Cats & Soup cheat engine functions. You can unlock any of the 10 Cats & Soup features for free. Other than that, you can do it for more than one Cats & Soup account. Use Cats & Soup cheat tool from site and hack Cats & Soup for more than one account.

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    Thanks. It took a little long to complete, but Umbrella Package is now unlocked.

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