Hexar.io Cheat tool

One of the most popular games in Casual category in this year is definitely Hexar.io. This motivated us to create Hexar.io cheat tool and hack this popular game from MochiBits, LLC creators. Hexar.io has rating of 45 on App store and it really popular. You can hack it with our Hexar.io cheat codes for free directly from our microgamerz.com cheat platform.

How Hexar.io hack works

When you decide that you want to use our free Hexar.io cheat tool, press the button below and start the Hexar.io cheat tool process. After that you will select what Hexar.io features you want to unlock and answer couple of questions related to Hexar.io game. When the Hexar.io cheat tool starts to work, you will need to wait couple of seconds until you receive your hacked features.

List of Hexar.io cheats

  • 500 Gems
  • 100 Gems
  • 12500 Coins
  • 2500 Coins
  • Remove Ads
  • 1400 Gems
  • Jetpack
  • 35000 Coins
  • 10000 Gems
  • 3000 Gems

Hexar.io is a Casual game created by MochiBits, LLC. Since it has 45 rating and more than 10800 ratings, we can say that it is one of the most popular games on Google Play. We keep our cheat tools updated, so the last time we updated Hexar.io cheat tool was on . You can use Hexar.io cheat tool to unlock 10 in-game purchases for free for many accounts as you want.

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